He made his stop at the city clerk’s office to call some of

He made his stop at the city clerk’s office to call some of

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    Railroad Strike Looms

    CHICAGO (AP) Canada Goose UK A nationwide railroad strike and quick White House intervention appeared possible today after the collapse of railroad union negotiations on the www.canadagoosediscount.co.uk featherbedding issue.

    canada goose jacket outlet Just 90 minutes after Wednesday’s Canada Goose Jackets bargaining session opened, a conference of representatives of the five operating labor unions nd the railroads broke down. Gilbert, president of the Brotherhood of canada goose black friday sale Firemen and En ginemen, said uk canada goose the carrier representatives walked out of the meeting. canada goose jacket outlet

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    “We did not leave the bargaining table,” he said. “They did. We are ready to negotiate whenever the railroads make up their minds to engage in true canadian goose jacket collective bargaining.”

    canada goose outlet “We went into the conference with the hope that the carriers would be willing to bargain honestly,” canada goose uk shop he said. “We found they wouldn’t.” canada goose outlet

    canada goose outlet new york city James E. Wolfe, chief management negotiator, said: “I don’t think that anybody walked out. We told them we were disappointed and that we thought they were buy canada goose jacket cheap stalling.” canada goose outlet new york city

    Rails Plan Quick Action Wolfe announced that the railroads will act as soon as possible to make sweeping changes in the work rules to eliminate what they call featherbedding. The carriers first notified the unions of the changes in 1959.

    The unions, representing 200,000 members, have stated that such action would trigger a strike.

    goose outlet canada Gilbert would not say flatly that canada goose coats on sale adoption of sweeping rules changes would bring a walkout. goose outlet canada

    canada goose outlet online “We’ll know what to do if the railroads put the rules changes into effect,” he said. canada goose outlet online

    canada goose outlet uk sale Sees Fact Finding Board Wolfe said the breakoff in negotiations, cheap canada goose uk the third, should lead to a fact finding board by President Kennedy, which would delay any strike for at canada goose clearance sale least 60 days. canada goose outlet uk sale

    At stake are 65,000 jobs and $600 million a year.

    official canada goose outlet The two sides Canada Goose Outlet appeared to be separated on ground rules. The railroads wanted to conduct the talks within the framework of the presidential railroad commission report of buy canada goose jacket Feb. 28, 1962. This report accepted some of management’s demands, and management accepted the report. The unions wanted bargaining canada goose factory sale to include their proposals. official canada goose outlet

    Recommended By Commission The commission recommended elimination of the jobs of 40,000 firemen on diesel locomotives in yard and freight service. The remaining jobs involve other workers.

    The unions engineers, firemen, trainmen, brakemen and switchmen rejected the report and tried to stop the rules revisions Canada Goose Online in the courts. Supreme Clurt upheld canada goose uk outlet on March 4 management’s right to make the Canada Goose Parka changes. However, the rewriting of rules cannot be done until the court mandate is received later this month.

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    canada goose outlet uk ALL EARS Skipper, a pet Schip perke, is content now that he has received his license. He made his stop at the city clerk’s office to call some of his friends and urge them to get theirs before the license deadline, April I. Skipper, a smart dog, says that a certificate of vaccination against rabies canada goose outlet uk

    canada goose outlet jackets must accompany the application for license. After April I, he says, if any of his friends are impounded, their owners will have to pay a pound fee canada goose uk black friday plus a license fee. He informed the photographer that his masters, Patty, IO, and Bette Jo Frantum, 12, of 505 Fountain St., don’t have to worry about that now canada goose outlet jackets.

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